At what age do female cats first go into heat?
Female cats typically each sexual maturity when they are about 2.3-3.2kg (4.5-7.00lb), or between 5 and 9 months of age.  However, it is possible for female kittens as young as 4 months to go into heat and become pregnant!  In addition, domestic short hair and longhair cats may reach sexual maturity earlier than purebred cats and free-roaming cats may become sexually mature sooner than cats kept indoors.

How long do they stay in heat?
The duration of oestrus (heat) varies in individual cats.  Heat lasts an average of  7 days but may be as long as 21 days.  If a female cats doesn´t mate and become pregnant, she may go back into heat repeatedly, with only  brief  periods of non-heat – as little as 2 days – between heats!

During what times of the year can a female cat get pregnant?
While breeding n pregnancy occur most commonly in the spring, female cats can become pregnant at any time during the year, especially in mild climates.

What is the gestation period for a pregnant cat?
Normally 56 to 71 days.  The average length is 67 days.

How many litters can a female cat have in one year?
Up to five litters in one year!

What is the average number of kittens born in a litter?
For free-roaming cats, the average number of kittens is about 3 but it can be up to 6 or more.

Can cats become pregnant while they are nursing kittens?
Yes they can!  It is typical for cats to go back into heat one or two months after giving birth to kittens and they can become pregnant.  Some cats may go into heat and become pregnant again as soon as one week after having a litter.

Can cats be spayed if they are nursing kittens?
Yes it is possible.  A cat who is spayed while she is nursing will continue to produce adequate milk for her kittens.  As a rule though, most vets would prefer to wait until a cat has weaned her kittens before doing surgery because the mammary gland development present during nursing can make the surgery slightly more difficult.

At what age do un spayed female cats stop having kittens?
While fertility may gradually decline over time, there is no age after which cats can no longer become pregnant.
Can cats from the same litter mate with each other and produce litters?
Yes, and for this reason male and female littermates who are housed together must be neutered as soon as possible

Should I allow my female cat to have one litter before spaying her?
No.  There is absolutely no benefit to the cat in doing this.  Spaying a cat before her first litter or better still, before her first heat, is easier and safer.  

My cat is pregnant – can she be spayed?
Yes.  Spaying a cat during pregnancy is slightly more difficult than spaying  a non-pregnant cat but it is better than allowing unwanted kittens to be born and to contribute to the cat over-population problem.



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Our mission is to reduce the number of kittens born to feral cats in the Javea area (Spain) and to keep the feral cat population as healthy as possible.

How do we achieve our goals?

We are a group of volunteers in the Javea area, Costa Blanca, Spain operating a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programme.

Whenever we come across cats or kittens that we think will make good house pets, we advertise them for adoption, having first made sure that they are vaccinated, blood tested and neutered. All of this is paid for by the association but we do ask for a donation for our veterinary fund as this is the only way that we can continue our work.

We are always willing to give help and advice to first-time cat owners or, indeed, to any cat owner who has a problem.

In case you wondered: Yes, we could use your help in the form of a donation or voluntary work. :)

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